A bit more about me! 🇨🇦

I’m Carlos, a product designer currently at Shopify, based in Toronto, Canada.

I am passionate about transforming complex user problems into seamless digital experiences by designing products that enhance people's lives.

My product design journey began as I decided to create a mobile app. As the founder, I oversaw the entire product development cycle including sketches, storyboards, user journeys, research, ideation, user testing, prototyping, creating the brand identity, and launching the project on the iOS and Android app stores.

I enjoy the challenges UX presents with its combined approach between human behaviour and design, as every problem is a challenge that requires a different approach to create a solution.

In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, hot yoga, hiking, and making imaginary travel plans to exotic destinations!  🏖

Impactful Reading 🤓

These are some of the books which have impacted and influenced my product design journey. My selections stem from feedback on areas to focus on improving. Embracing one's weaknesses and turning them into strengths is my favourite method for personal growth.

Continued Growth 📈

I am a passionate student and enjoy the process of learning new skills through practice, and discovering new software that can help me grow as a designer, entrepreneur, and as a person as well. There are some of my most recent learning endeavours.

Listen & Learn 🎧

One of my favourite activities is listening to new podcasts that help my mind explore and discover new life hacks, learning from the most influential and impactful leaders, as well as staying in touch with the events that influence how our society is constantly evolving.